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    Aquacopia Venture Partners

    venture capital for aquaculture

    New York, New York, USA


    Aquacopia is uniquely invested in aquaculture innovation:

    from feed technology, to fish farms, to equipment, distribution, and marketing companies. Starting in 2005, it made Series A and follow-on investments in portfolio companies, now numbering six – creating a wave of important aquaculture value chain companies. Among them are Open Blue, InnovaSea, and iCell/Nutrinsic.


    While Aquacopia's first aquaculture venture capital fund is fully invested, it actively shepherds the growth and development of that portfolio. The fund also continues to look for certain, exceedingly rare, cooperative opportunities: either for individual action by co-founder David Tze or in businesses that directly complement an existing portfolio company.


    Aquacopia recommends, but is not affiliated with, Fish 2.0.




    High quality, sustainable protein for feed and fertilizer

    Denver, Colorado, USA – nutrinsic.com


    Nutrinsic Corporation produces sustainable, high-grade proteins that can serve as a fish meal replacement in animal feeds, primarily those destined for the aquaculture industry. The firm has developed the only known (patented) process for generating such high-quality single cell proteins from aqueous waste / byproducts that originate from food, beverage, and biofuel producers. One joint venture: iCell Sustainable Nutrition, China.

    Open Blue

    Cobia farm, caring for ocean and human health

    Panama – openblue.com


    Open Blue believes that the best way to raise fish is in the deep sea. With one acquisition, it created the largest open ocean mariculture system in the world, minimizing impact to the ecosystem. Its cobia fish are raised in a stress-free, low-density, high-energy environment, resulting in a healthier fish that is versatile, firm, buttery, naturally high in protein, and rich in Omega-3's.

    InnovaSea Systems

    Equipment innovation for raising seafood in exposed, open ocean conditions

    Maine and Washington, USA – innovasea.com


    The fund’s portfolio company, Ocean Farm Technologies, merged with OceanSpar to form InnovaSea Systems, Inc. The firm is committed to developing the next generation of innovative, integrated open ocean farming systems. Among InnovaSea's containment systems are the Aquapod™ and SeaStation™. The company is also commercializing technologies for feeding, cultivating, transfer, and harvest.

    Futuna Blue

    Domesticating novel marine fish, including the bluefin "sushi tuna"

    El Puerto de Santa Maria, Spain – futunablue.com


    Domesticating novel marine aquaculture species, including the bluefin "sushi tuna". Futuna Blue has developed a purpose-built, land-based facility that produces juveniles (bluefin tuna and seriola), as well as market-size sole. The team has developed and patented key technologies and processes, including uniquely successful copepod production.

    Earth Ocean Farms

    Environmentally-responsible marine farm

    Sea of Cortez, near La Paz, in Baja California, Mexico – earthoceanfarms.com


    Earth Ocean Farms is a vertically integrated marine fish farming company, operating a hatchery and on-growing farm. It deploys advanced technology and innovative solutions in offshore aquaculture, on its 84 hectare ocean site, cultivating several species of temperate-water marine fish.


    Community Catch

    Matching seafood buyers to local fishermen and suppliers

    Litchfield, Connecticut, USA – communitycatch.com


    Community Catch is a unique online marketplace collaboration between Litchfield Farms Organic & Natural, LLC and variety of local and sustainable fishermen and aquaculturists. Essentially, it is combining strength and experience in sourcing sustainable and local seafood with processing and logistics resources to deliver the freshest, most traceable, sustainable seafood.




    David Tze


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    David is the sole active co-founder of the first and only aquaculture venture capital fund, uniquely investing in seafood value chain innovation: from feed technology, to fish farms, to equipment, distribution, and marketing companies. David has connected portfolio companies to more than $100 million in follow-on investment.


    At Aquacopia, he has managed fund operations, generated deal flow, evaluated investments, led Series A terms, crafted and evolved portfolio companies' business plans, assisted with their business development, solicited co-investment, and presented at conferences. He continues to represent shareholder stakes on boards of directors and otherwise, shepherding ongoing growth.


    After coming of age in Virginia, David earned an economics A.B. at Princeton. He has advanced several established industries by applying new technology and innovative business models, most recently aquaculture, but starting at the dawn of the commercial internet. He was the founding CTO of venture-backed, online equipment marketplace for the oil and gas industry, Network(Oil) International. It was acquired by the publicly-traded marketplaces group, Liquidity Services.


    Fish 2.0 can be an excellent way for a broader range of seafood businesses to receive cash. Competition "finalists win an opportunity to present their business ideas to a broad range of investors and supply chain partners who are interested in seafood and can help their businesses grow." To learn more: Fish 2.0, which Aquacopia recommends, without affiliation.


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